PUGS Water Heater Plan
For Domestic Oil-Fired Water Heaters

Product Code: 4-C


This plan is designed for the budget conscious customer who wants protection for the more frequently serviced items. It provides coverage for a full year.

One cleaning, tune up, and adjustment to the water heater, and lubrication of motor and bearings.
Equipment is adjusted to maximum efficiency.
Contracts cover one hour of the labor on all parts listed below. All after hours, weekends and holidays will be billed at their prevailing rates. Additional labor will also be billed at their prevailing rates.


  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY


These terms and conditions apply to all service plans.
This service agreement and services rendered are contingent upon the customer’s account
being current and all fuel oil must be purchased from Pugs Fuel Oil Service.
If your account is past due, the service agreement will not be valid.

Frozen/clogged oil line and water in oil tank
All Genisys controls
ECM or veritable speed motors, regardless of size
Main furnace/fan control board
Chimney work (Pugs Home Services is not responsible for any damages caused by a chimney related problem)
Riello primary control
Riello oil pump
Riello motor
Lack of Electric Power
If you are not home at the time of your sceduled appointment, a missed appointment will be added to your account at the prevailing rate.
If we are unable to access your equipment for any reason, you will be billed at the prevailing service rate.
Obsolete Parts

PLAN: Water Heater Plan 4-C

Aquastat (plain)
Blast Tubes (except Riello)