PUGS 15-Point Annual Precision AC/Heat Pump Tune-Up

Pugs Precision AC/Heat Pump Tune Up is designed to maintain the efficiency and dependability of your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump.

  • Check Starting Capabilities
  •  Check Safety Controls
  •  Check and Replace Air Filter (supplied by owner)
  •  Check Thermostat Operation
  •  Check all Electrical Connections
  •  Check Voltage and Amperage on Motors
  •  Lubricate All Moving Parts Where Necessary
  •  Clean and Check Condenser
  •  Clean and Check Evaporator Coil
  •  Check Operating Pressures
  •  Check Refrigerant for Proper Amount
  •  Check and Adjust Blower Components
  •  Check for Correct Air Flow
  •  Clean Condensate Drain Where Accessible
  •  Check for Proper Temperature Difference

Note: Unlisted Parts and items requiring service will be repaired or replaced at the prevailing rates.


  • ECM or Veritable speed motors, regardless of size
  • Main furnace/fan control board
  •  Chimney work (Pugs Home Services is not responsible for any damages caused by a chimney related problem)
  •  All refrigerants
  •  Lack of Electric Power
  •  If you are not home at the time of your scheduled appointment, a missed appointment charge will be added to your account at the prevailing rate.
  •  If we are unable to access your equipment for any reason, you will be billed at the prevailing service rate.

PLAN: 15-Point Annual Precision AC/Heat Pump Tune-Up 12-C