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you’re new to keeping your house warm with home heating oil, or you’ve been doing it for years, you have questions. With more than 50 years in the business of heating oil delivery, we have most of the answers. Today, we’re looking at some of the most common questions we get, and we offer straight answers.

What Is DULSD Heating Oil?

DULSD stands for dyed Ultra Low-Sulphur Diesel. This means the heating oil has less than 15 ppm sulphur content, resulting in a cleaner burn, and fewer emissions from your furnace or boiler. It also means the oil smell is nearly gone, and your heating equipment operates more efficiently.

Why Is My Home Heating Oil Red?

Heating oil is diesel fuel. Federal regulations require it to be died red so that it is clear that it is not legal to use in a diesel vehicle. This is mainly for tax reasons, as on-road diesel is taxed differently.

How Do I Know How Big My Oil Tank Is?

Most home heating oil tanks are 275-gallon tanks. They measure 27″ wide, 44″ high and 60″ long.

How Do I Know How Much Oil Is Left in My Tank?

Home heating oil tanks have a fuel gauge on top of the tank that will tell you if the tank is 3/4th full, ½ full, or ¼ full. With a typical 275-gallon tank, 3/4th full is about 204 gallons, while ½ full is about 136 gallons, and 1/4th full is 68 gallons.

When Should I Order More Home Heating Oil?

It’s recommended that you never let your tank get below 1/8th full during the heating season. This is because sludge can build up in the bottom of the tank, and you want to avoid that sludge getting into your heating system. To avoid this scenario, we recommend ordering when your tank is ¼ full.

Why Is There a Whistling Sound When My Tank Is Being Filled?

Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. When heating oil is pumped into your tank, the oil displaces air and sends it out your vent alarm, making a whistling sound that the delivery driver can hear. When the whistling stops, the tank is almost full.

Why Are Home Heating Oil Prices So High?

It’s part of supply and demand. Typically, prices go up during the winter, and fall in the summer. For the winter of 2021-22, prices are also affected by pent-up demand.


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If My Heat Goes Out or I Notice a Problem with My Tank, Can You Fix It?

Yes. In addition to home heating oil delivery, we offer a full range of HVAC services          , including furnace repair, boiler repair, and maintenance plans.

Do You Offer Automatic Delivery?

No. We offer on-demand delivery only. We have found that automatic delivery can still result in customers running out of home heating oil if there is a drastic drop in temperatures, or if the occupants in a home change – for instance you might keep the home warmer with a new baby or elderly person visiting and forget to tell the heating oil company.

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