Get Ready for Warmer Weather with AC Maintenance


Get Your Home’s AC Ready for the Season with AC Maintenance

Temperatures in the 80s will be here before you know it. But after a winter filled with high utility bills, most Maryland homeowners are going to wait as long as they can to turn the AC on. That’s totally understandable. But you want to make sure your AC is in good running condition before temperatures hit the 80s on a regular basis. You can do that with a few simple AC maintenance tips.

Handy homeowners can do some of these things themselves, but if that doesn’t describe you, call in a professional. OK, here goes:

AC Maintenance Tip #1: Clean Around the Exterior Unit

We’ll start off easy. Go outside and examine your outdoor unit. Pull or trim any weeds or bushes that are within 2 feet of the unit. Remove any leaves or debris as well. You want the unit to have good air flow. You can also hose off any dust or debris that collected on the unit or the coils over the winter.

AC Maintenance Tip #2: Change the Filter

A good rule of thumb is to check your filter monthly if you use a thinner HVAC filter, and every 3 months is you use the thicker type. But when switching from heat to air conditioning, check the filter to make sure it’s ready for the season.

AC Maintenance Tip #3: Turn on the AC

Even if you don’t plan on leaving your AC on for the duration of the spring and summer, it’s a good idea to test it out in the spring. Switch over to AC and set the temperature to 60. This should have the system kick in. Is it blowing hot air? Is it making funny noises? If the system is running smoothly, you’re good to go, although you may still want to consider Tip #4.

AC Maintenance Tip #4: Schedule a Professional Tune-up

An AC tune-up from HVAC professionals can help your system run at peak performance all summer long. We clean and check all parts of your AC system, check refrigerant, air flow, etc. You can see the specifics of what a tune-up as part of our HVAC Service Plans entails.  A checkup like this helps catch any problems while they’re still small.

Tip #5: Get a Programmable Thermostat

This isn’t really an AC maintenance tip, but it’s a tip that will save you money on your cooling bills this spring and summer, as well as your heating bills next winter. If you have an old thermostat where you can only set one temperature for the whole day, or you have to physically move a dial or tab if you want to change the temperature before you go to bed, it’s time to replace it.

Some electric providers let you earn points towards getting a programmable thermostat for free, but there are also inexpensive models out there. By setting specific temperatures for the hours when you’re at home, when you’re away, and when you’re asleep, you can easily cut your energy costs year-round.

Sign Up for an HVAC Service Plan or Schedule Air Conditioning Repair

Keep your central air conditioning in top shape with one of our HVAC service plans. This is especially important if you haven’t had your system checked out in a while, or it makes funny noises the first time you test it out for the season.

We are also available for air conditioning repair services for residential and commercial customers in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, and Harford County and surrounding areas. Call (410) 477-3345 to schedule service.